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For the Prevention of Taking Oneself too Seriously


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

A new model in publishing for a media world that has gone all to Hell. Modern notes on the Classics, Short Cask ebooks, and the Whiskey/Barrel Magazine with features by our authors on the world, how it got there, and a stiff drink. And of course, ill-conceived hot takes on things none of us have sorted out yet.

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The Classics

A classic is a book we've heard of, but no one has read. That's a shame. Let's face it, our grandparents were smarter than us. Whiskey/Barrel Classics present the greats of literature with modern applications and commentary.

The thinking man's notes on the great works.

Whiskey/Barrel Magazine

The World, How It Got Here

and a Stiff Drink. 

Whiskey/Barrel Magazine is off-beat stories from a world largely going to Hell, but not quite yet. 

So don't be an idiot. Make your life interesting, very interesting 

Short Cask eBooks

Not quite articles, but not book length either. Not only are Short Cask eBooks insightful and entertaining, they let you get back to making dinner or chasing down the kids.

And we know that the television isn’t going to watch itself.


"All lies are told with a straight face, it's the truth that said with a dismissive giggle."

P.J. O'Rourke